• Grand Haven

    A Master Level Main Street Community, participating since 2005.

  • Redevelopment Ready Communities®

    Boyne City - an RRC certified community

  • Redevelopment Ready Communities®

    Ferndale – an RRC engaged community

  • Redevelopment Ready Communities®

    Grand Rapids – an RRC engaged community

  • Redevelopment Ready Communities®

    Grayling – an RRC engaged community


Getting Started

Are you interested in community development opportunities in your community? Are you new to MEDC and unsure of where to start? You’re in the right place! 

Our goal is to help communities like yours create vibrant, sustainable and unique spaces. This involves planning for new investment and reinvestment, identifying assets and opportunities, and focusing limited resources. We offer many types of resources and information to help communities learn more about development opportunities. Our goal is to offer the technical assistance you need to help support development in your community. 

Where should I start?

Are you a community with: 

A project idea or a property owner eager to redevelop?

Interest in planning for new investment and reinvestment? 

  • Redevelopment Ready Communities® (RRC) certification is appropriate for your community. To empower communities to chart their own growth, engagement in the RRC program will be a criterion used to assess and prioritize investments in communities with a traditional downtown (beginning October 1, 2017). Communities without a traditional downtown will need to be certified through RRC to access community development incentives.

A desire to build local support for downtown or neighborhood commercial district?

  • Michigan Main Street is a program in which you are eligible to participate. This program exists to help communities develop main street districts that attract both residents and businesses, promote commercial investment and spur economic growth. Michigan Main Street staff members provide technical assistance and services to communities interested in building momentum and community support for revitalizing their downtowns. 

We want to partner with you!

There is a dedicated field team for each region, known as the Community Assistance Team (CATeam), available to assist you in reaching your goals. Reach out in order to: 

  • Determine if a project could be considered
  • Get your community on a path to becoming redevelopment ready
  • Learn more about participating in the Michigan Main Street Program
  • Reactivate public and private space
  • Tell the world about your gems and opportunities
  • Proactively plan for development 
  • Gain community input and leverage volunteers
  • Build grassroots local capacity
  • Build momentum in your community for attracting residents and commercial investment 

Contact your CATeam specialist today!




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