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Michigan Community Revitalization Program (MCRP)

Michigan communities have access to development gap financing with the Michigan Community Revitalization Program (MCRP).  The program promotes community revitalization through the provision of grants, loans or other economic assistance for eligible projects located on properties that are either contaminated (facility), blighted, functionally obsolete or historic resources.

The amount of support is determined by a needs analysis and funding commitments are expressed as a percentage of the MCRP eligible investment basis.  Applicants should explore all other sources prior to applying for MCRP gap financing.

Process and Guidelines

Getting Started

All projects go through an application and due diligence process conducted by the MEDC, which is outlined in the document below.

MCRP Process Overview

Program guidelines including incentive parameters have been approved by the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) Board and are included in the document below.

MCRP Guidelines with Incentive Parameters

Documents and Resources

Looking for guidance in the MCRP Process? 

We’ve created and identified documentation to serve as a resource for this program. You can find these and more on the Resources page.

Contact Information

Contact Information provided at Link Below

For new projects, contact a CATeam Specialist.

Links to Other Program Info

Links to Program Legislation, Legislative Reports & Project Approvals

Michigan Strategic Fund Act 270 of 1984, Chapter 8C

Legislative Reports

MCRP Project Approvals