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Downloadable Missing Middle Housing Plans


AVAILABLE Missing Middle Housing Plans for Download

The 18 plan sets which follow are publicly available for your review and download at no charge!

These are from a 2015 Design Competition principally sponsored by the following parties: AIA Michigan, Michigan State Housing Development Authority, MSU Land Policy Institute, Michigan Municipal League and the Michigan Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism. Other endorsing sponsors included the Michigan Historic Preservation Network, Michigan Association of Planning, Habitat for Humanity of Michigan and the Community Economic Development Association of Michigan.

Each set below consists of the following components:

A. Data Summary

B. Overhead (Plan) View

C. Perspective View

D. Limited Cost Specification Detail

Each of these sets are in the public domain and freely available for anyone to view, download, and use.  These are PDF documents, which may not scale to large sizes for viewing, and please note they are large file sizes to download!

Plan Set 1

Plan Set 2

Plan Set 3

Plan Set 4

Plan Set 5

Plan Set 6

Plan Set 7

Plan Set 8

Plan Set 9

Plan Set 10

Plan Set 11

Plan Set 12

Plan Set 13

Plan Set 14

Plan Set 15

Plan Set 16

Plan Set 17

Plan Set 18

Missing Middle Housing


What is Missing Middle Housing?

“Missing Middle” refers to a range of smaller multi-unit or clustered housing types compatible in scale with single-family homes that help meet the growing demand for walkable urban living. These types - including four-plexes, bungalow courts and row/townhouses, provide diverse housing options for affordability, locally-serving retail, and public transportation options. Missing Middle Housing offers a partial solution to the growing demand for walkable neighborhoods and community placemaking.

The current demand for affordable small-footprint or attached housing in Michigan exceeds supply, which is evident in recent market studies conducted across the State.  While zoning codes may limit the types of housing that can be provided, these Missing Middle housing types can meet the need for attractive, affordable, well-built housing within the existing framework of many existing neighborhoods.

Missing Middle housing types succeed best within a walkable neighborhood environment where there is less demand for off-street parking. A variety of building densities offer enough rooftops to support public transit, and safe streets that feature easy access to shops, services, and cultural amenities help to build a strong sense of community.

A complete display of background, descriptions, specifications, and other information is available at the website



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