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    Grayling – an RRC engaged community

  • Redevelopment Ready Communities®

    Grand Rapids – an RRC engaged community

Redevelopment in Michigan

Why Invest in a Redevelopment Ready Community®?

In today’s competitive economy, we know developers and businesses can invest anywhere. Certified Redevelopment Ready Communities® (RRC) signal that locating a new business or growing an existing one within their municipality is straightforward and streamlined.

Certified communities have removed barriers to development by implementing best practices that:

  • Target specific areas for reinvestment
  • Regulate for development that supports the vision of a master plan
  • Assist officials and staff to understand their role in redevelopment
  • Allow for mixed-use by right in specific zoning districts
  • Provide development materials easily accessible online
  • Proactively market redevelopment opportunities
  • Create a business-friendly environment


Redevelopment Ready Communities® is a certification program available to any community in Michigan. Communities most suited for the program are those with existing areas of concentrated development or those planning for such development.


Learn more about the 3-step process a community must follow to become RRC certified.

Available Properties

RRC certified communities are actively looking for development partners to bring their community vision to life. When working with RRC certified communities, you will encounter an efficient, predictable and transparent development process. Check out currently RRC certified communities on the development opportunities page.

Commonly Asked Questions

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Are you interested in investing in an RRC community?

If you’d like to talk more about how the RRC program may fit your goals as a developer, contact the RRC team at RRC@michigan.org.

If you’re ready to invest, you can check out available properties in RRC communities or contact a community directly.