Your Stories

Michigan is a great place to live: The first millionaire in America lived here. We have the most golf courses per capita and the largest fresh water coastline in the world in our state. Whether its the Motor City, Detroit Rock City or Hockeytown, you can't keep down a city that keeps reinventing itself. 100 years ago we were a farming state and through moving into the industrial age, helping America manufacture victory in war time, we will continue to innovate to be a leader for our citizens.

Todd P. from Big Rapids

I love my city of Mt. Clemens, MI, as spring thru fall, we have the best craft shows, friday night concerts, a huge 4th of July fest that last for a whole weekend. I also work downtown and enjoy on a daily basis the beauty of our city. Michigan is a hub for big businesses, great college's and world renowned hospitals and research centers, Who wouldn't want to live here?

Susan W. from Shelby Township