About MIplace

Building a Better Michigan Through Placemaking

Who We Are

We are a statewide initiative with the purpose of keeping Michigan at the forefront of a national movement known as placemaking. It’s a simple concept that people choose to live in places that offer the amenities, resources, social and professional networks, and opportunities to support thriving lifestyles.

We have embraced this idea and understand that vibrant, successful regions promote economic activity and will help build a better Michigan. Our job is to help communities re-examine the importance of everyday settings and experiences that shape our lives – the downtowns, parks, plazas, main streets, neighborhoods and markets that influence where we live and how we interact. Placemaking enhances our ability to transform towns, cities and regions.

About MIplace.org

This is the gathering place to showcase our placemaking work. We aim to significantly improve the quality of key places in Michigan communities, as well as elevate placemaking as Michigan’s new way of thinking about, and reshaping, existing development programs. This is a site for everyone not just to visit but to interact – see what progress is being made, share ideas and successes, and get energized to help us build the strongest Michigan possible.